Upset because you stuttered on your name again?

Unsatisfied about your presentation because you avoided words you usually stutter on?

Frustrated because your colleagues don't ask your advice even though you are an expert in your field?

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You deserve to be able to have confidence in your own voice.

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Improved Confidence

Feel empowered and confident in your voice.

Better Social Skills.

Improved ability to connect with others.

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Anny Dubé

I am a person who stutters and a daughter of 2 parents who stutter. It is the suffering stuttering brought into my life that drove me to become a speech-language therapist. It is what fuels my passion in preventing the persistence of stuttering in children and helping as many people who stutter as possible. 


You deserve to be able to speak with confidence.

For children with a stutter, my company helps educate parents on what they can do to prevent the persistence of stuttering. No one can guarantee stuttering will disappear, but people who stutter to feel more comfortable to express themself.

My company also helps teenagers and adults who stutter to express what they want to say whenever they want to say it because we know they have interesting things to share, no mattter how frequent is their stuttering, no matter how much time it takes then to get to the point.

In the process, I support people who stutter address their fears of stuttering, teach them different ways to speak so they stutter less at specific moments, and help them fight for their rights to talk the way they do. 


Change how others perceive you by changing how you see yourself.

I bring the science of stuttering in understandable words.

I offer stuttering therapy sessions for everyone from toddlers to adults. 

Let me help you find your vocie today.

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